Panties Collection

Have my dick in your mouth like that as I suck your hot tits and run my finger along your panties.

I will come and have a look over your shoulder, but think you will be losing something else, your panties.

Is it something you must have right now? Sure hope it can wait, I so want to cover your body with licks and kisses right now! Then turn you around and cover your front side with the same. Giving some special attention to your nips & clit, through the soft lace! I'll help you find it, just stay in that position and don't move. When I find it I will trade you for it, one pair of panties and ride on you backside. Is that the kind of help you'd like? This position is NOT recommended for searching stuff behind the couch, it's too much distraction. I'd love to help you in another way, I guess you will like it. You are so funny. I would kiss you so much you would forget all about the sofa and what you lost.Then I would make love to you all night long. Love to pull your panties to the side not sure what you have lost but Lucky me will find a sexy pussy to play with.