Panties Collection

Have my dick in your mouth like that as I suck your hot tits and run my finger along your panties.

Ofcourse . Sorry not here, well you can go without them, even better.

I think they may have slipped down that lovely lush valley between your legs. I have the perfect probe to do the search. Shall I insert the probe and see what we find? If I don't discover the panties on first try, I'll just keep reinserting until we do . . . No don't ever would want that beauty of a pussy of yours covered and unavailable to me if it was my choice ! Tfs.! Love to start at your silky toes and work up to find out you have no panties on. Love your legs honey. Good lord NO! You dont need those going "commando" is so much more fun hehehe. I will.In about an hour. Now lay back so we can both enjoy that hour.