Panties Collection

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Not long at all you are so beautiful and inviting to enjoy pleasuring anyway you desire.

Oh about 10 seconds, I’d grab all those sharp tools above ya and cut that shit off pretty damn fast. Love the old tools by the way, esp the cross cut saw blade. I’ve been trying to get me one of those for years. Yeah, I want you to keep it all on. I’ll throw you on your back, spread your legs wide, slip the panties to the side, and push my cock right into that little pussy. We only need to cut the panties off the rest can stay on so have to be pleasuring you no time to worry about unwrapping sweetness. Why take it off? You look sexy as fuck! I only need a couple seconds to pull those panties to side and slide inside. Leave it on tear the panties open so hot and exciting to pleasuring you as you desire immediately.