Panties Collection

Have my dick in your mouth like that as I suck your hot tits and run my finger along your panties.

That has to be the most beautiful pose I've seen would savour evey moment as I slowly rotate and remove bit by hot folding back and caring for every area I expose mmmm we'd have so much fun x drop me line xx.

I would start by kissing you deeply and then kissing you slowly down your neck to your breasts. I would peel your straps off your shoulders and kiss and suck around each nipple rolling my tongue around them. I would slowly open the corset up and using my tongue and lips kiss and lick you down to your panties. By that time you would be soaking through your panties and I would slide them down to lick your pussy bringing you to the edge a few times and then making you cum with my tongue deep in your pussy. It would be then that I would slide my cock in to increase the orgasm. Kiss you all over your neck and not rush things, and lightly take it off of while i sit next to you in the bed, take your straps off slowly and tell you to slowly reveal, while i kiss you all over your big warm breasts and kiss your chest and tell you how beautiful you are, then take it off you while you hold your bare breasts, while i take that beautiful girdle. Kiss you all over your neck then work my way caressing your legs, touching them lightly with my hands. And use my teeth to take off your sweet lovely panties! You really look stunning in that, but I bet you know that full well. It doesn't hurt to hear it from others though, does it? You are quite a beauty, both in and out of your fancy lingere (well, so I am not a speller, but I do have other talents for your entertainment and pleasure). Just looking at your pics has my cock aching to fill your juicy hot tight pink wet pussy and my mouth is watering to taste your sweet hot juices and suck on your gorgeous breasts! Wish I was between your sexy hot legs right now. I want to taste your horny hot sweet pussy. I would keep you wrapped up as long as possible to enjoy the view and then when i just can't stand it anymore from being horny i'd unwrap it quickly to get to the beauty inside !