Panties Collection

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I love to pull on them with my teeth and suck on your pussy lips.

I would love to pull down your jeans to reveal this sight. When I do, I'm going to go slowly. I'm going to very gently kiss you all around those pretty pink panties. Eventually I'll be kissing you through them as I gently carress your thighs with my finger tips. I won't be in a rush to pull them off - I will instead enjoy the taste, smell, feel and sound of you with them on for a while before I finally decide it's time for you to be completely bare. Love that view I would love chew your sexy pussy through those sexy lacy pink panties Until you dripping wet then pull the soaking wet gusset to the side and bury my tongue deep in your pussy tasting your wetness then carry on licking your clit until you explode in orgasm after orgasm. Then again plunge my tongue deep inside you and taste your cum and lick you dry 👅 So hot and sexy, I would luv to slide my tongue right thru your sexy panties and caress your beautiful clit. As good as you look in those pink panties, i know you look immensely better with out them. Wouldn't pull them to the side until later lick and suck u through them first yummy.