Panties Collection

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If i met you at my local Cali grocery store and i knew that you weren't wearing panties i would reach up underneath your dress/skirt and finger you baby girl ;)

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So much! Love how wet you look, more.Seems like they need peeled off. May I ?

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10. I want to hear my balls slapping her Sweet Fucking Ass.

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NW, That's a sexy look! Love the lingerie, Manicure, toe ring. You're a Classy Lady just like your profile said!. 😻

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Ummmmmmmm send me those sexy hot panties and your bra so I can tribute all over the set of them daily for you.

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I'd have you reach back with both hands and take hold of those heels while I snap a pair of handcuffs on your wrists. Just sayin.

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I bet that pussy tastes delicious on the fabric of your panties ;)

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Mind if I pull those to one side and lick your lips : op mmm.

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You can count on me babe. As long as you pop my blueberries! πŸ†πŸ’¦

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He is one lucky friend! I imagine he'd love to move those panties and taste you!

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